We are a Leading Chinese Organic Hemp Fiber Manufacture, specializes in growing and processing of Raw Organic Hemp material to produce Cottonized Organic hemp fiber of Chinese origin for global textiles and fashion industries.

Our special feature is ORGANIC HEMP with high quality specifically dedicated for the 21st century sustainability-driven textiles and fashion industries.

We have modern Organic Hemp Fiber Green Processing Plant, with investment amounting to be more than 10 Million Dollars with annual output of 3600 Tons. The plant is located in Heilongjiang, a geographical area which offers excellent conditions for growing and retting Organic hemp. The Organic hemp stalks are processed at the plant to obtain high quality Organic hemp fiber for textiles and nonwovens, while the residual materials - shives and pellets - can be used in various branches of the industrial sector.

The company is the largest manufacturer of Organic hemp fiber and manages the full cultivation and processing cycle of top-quality Organic hemp fiber for high quality textiles.

Quality Guarantee: The quality of our Organic hemp fibers as we are in control of the entire process: from the selection of seeds, their preparation, growing and retting to harvesting and processing.

Our vision - To make sustainable Organic hemp fiber one of the main natural fibers used in 21st century sustainability-driven textiles and fashion industries.

Our mission - To restore and stimulate the use of Organic hemp fiber in textiles and fashion industries as a high-quality, sustainable, environmentally-friendly material, while simultaneously upholding the long-standing cultivation tradition of Organic hemp in China.


Organic Hemp plays an active role in the creation of sustainable future.

The use of hemp fiber in textiles significantly contributes to the sustainable future. Growing and processing of hemp do not involve the use of pesticides and other chemicals; hemp products are easily recyclable and help to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions; the durability of hemp fabrics lowers consumerism rates.



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